It Pays to Play!

Who's Our Next BIG WINNER?!    You Could Be Next!    ---    Big Winner Rochelle $121,621!!    ---    Big Winner Roger $100,000!!    ---    Big Winner Gary $29,700!!    ---    Big Winner Joann $28,084!!    ---    Big Winner Scott $25,900!!    ---    Big Winner Sally  $25,000!!    ---    Congratulations!!

They say you can't win if you don't play...But how do you play?


Pick your numbers

Pick 3 of your lucky numbers from 1 to 80. It's easy to do. The 3 lucky numbers I use are the days my kids were born (1st and 31st) and my birth year (1956, use 56). I mark my 3 lucky numbers on my bet slip with an "X". You can find your bet slip in the "keno caddie" on your table or at the keno station; just take one out of the keno caddie to use!

Place your bet

Write $1.00 in the “total price” box in the upper right hand corner of the bet slip. Then, get ready to place your wager by taking your $1 bill and your bet slip up to the keno station. Give the $1 bill and your bet slip to the keno writer. The keno writer will give you your computer generated keno ticket.

Find Your Keno Cast Member

On the back of the paybooks, you will find Big Red's thirteen Keno Cast members. Each Keno Cast member has six or seven keno numbers assigned to them. When one of the numbers assigned to a Keno Cast member is selected, the Keno Cast member will be displayed on one of the many TV's displaying the keno game befrore the number selected is shown. When you see one of your Keno Cast members, you know that one of your numbers may be coming up! In my instance, all three of my favorite numbers are assigned to "PEANUT", so when PEANUT appears, I'm just waiting for one of my numbers to come up!

Watch the game

Look for one of the many TV's displaying the keno game and watch for your Keno Cast member. When your Keno Cast member appears, watch for one of your favorite numbers. This will not take long, as it is "Show Time" for the Keno Cast members approximately every five minutes.

Check your ticket

After the 20 keno numbers are drawn, look to see how many of your lucky numbers were selected (“HIT”). For this example, look at the Regular Keno game on page 5 of the paybook. If you “HIT” 2 of your 3 numbers, you win 50 cents. If you “HIT” all 3 of your numbers, you WIN $46!!

To collect your winnings, take your computer generated keno ticket back to the keno station and the keno writer will pay you your winnings!

That’s all there is to it. So grab a bet slip, mark YOUR 3 lucky numbers, and give it a try!


There are many other games available in addition to regular keno. Shake it up by playing some other keno varieties. Here are just some of the games we offer:


Mark your ticket with the half you wish to bet, for example, “TOP,” “BOTTOM,” “RIGHT” or “LEFT.” If your half comes in you win!!

Hog Wild

You'll go Hog Wild when you win. Mark your ticket “Hog” or “HW,” and pick from 2 to 8 numbers. The minimum wager is $1.35 ($1.85 in Omaha) and the Pick 8 is a favorite game of many Big Red players.

Big Bang

Mark your ticket “BB,” and pick 3 to 5 numbers. You'll get an even bigger bang for your bet!

Winner Take All

To the victor goes the spoils! Mark your ticket “WTA,” and pick 3 to 6 numbers. If your numbers all come in you win big!

20 Spot

If you like to pick a lot of winning numbers this is the game for you! Mark your ticket “20 Spot,” and pick 20 numbers. In Omaha and Lincoln you can't lose playing the 20 spot since it pays out no matter how many of your numbers come in!

Quarter Mania

Quarter Mania is a favorite game of many players as you can make your quarter go a long way! Mark your ticket “Quarter,” and pick 1 to 15 numbers. This game has a $1 minimum ticket with a 25-cent minimum wager per way. Turn your quarters into big money!

High Rollers

Mark your ticket “HR,” and pick 3 to 5 numbers. High Rollers get higher payouts! This game minimum wager is $1.25 per way.

Penny Keno

The fun way to play for only a penny per game. Mark your ticket “Penny,” and pick 2 to 8 numbers. Minimum ticket price is $1. Check the paybook to see how you can have 190 ways to win on this ticket for only a penny a way. A great way to enjoy the fun and excitement of keno when you only have a few pennies to play.

Edge Ticket

Edge Ticket is a fun ticket that's easy to see if you win. Mark your ticket “Edge,” and watch how many numbers come in on the outer edge of the ticket.

Rock 'N' Roll Keno

The higher payouts will be music to your ears! Mark your ticket "Rock" or "RR" and get ready to win! $1.15 minimum wager to play.

10 / 10 Split

The 10/10 Split is an easy way to triple your money! Two ways to play, pick the top/bottom or left/right. If the numbers are split evenly you win! The $5 minimum wager triples to pay $15 if you are a winner!

Lucky–N-Wild 7-11

Will the "Luck of the Irish" be with you? Pick 7 or 11 numbers and mark your ticket “7-11." $1.25 minumum wager to play.

Please note that all games are not available in every Big Red community. Please check the paybook for the community you are playing in for available games and the payouts and wager requirements associated with that community.


A “way” on a keno ticket is simply one chance to win. You can remember that one “way” is one chance to win.

The reason that the “way” ticket exists is so that you can have many chances (“ways”) to win all printed on a single keno ticket, rather than having multiple tickets printed to accomplish the same number of chances (“ways”) to win.

By playing a “way” ticket, you can combine your favorite keno tickets into one “way” keno ticket that has two chances (“ways”) to win. On your ticket, just circle the numbers that go together for each “way.”

Here's a simple "2 way" keno ticket example based on your two favorite individual keno tickets:

Favorite Ticket # 1: A pick 2 regular rate ticket using #'s 3 and 80 for $1 per game.

Favorite Ticket # 2: A pick 3 regular rate ticket using #'s 5, 10 and 17 for $1 per game.

By playing a "way" ticket, you can combine both of your favorite keno tickets into just one "way" keno ticket that has two chances ("ways") to win!

Got the hang of simple "way" tickets? Now let's look at some more advanced examples of "way" tickets: